There is a bigger picture.

Mergers and acquisitions can never be about finance alone.

In the digital sphere, the bigger picture is rapid growth – the ability to bring potentially powerful services or applications to the world before more global companies do it. This is the context we all work in. And this is where I come in.

Where do I see growth?

Grow or die.


It’s a stark truth that companies in the digital sphere must choose between growth or almost certain death. Growing organically simply takes too much time.

Conversely, young companies that go for growth through mergers or acquisitions are uniquely poised to play on a far wider regional, national or even international stage.

But there are conditions.
What are they?

The Autika prism.

Not all opportunities are born equal. For the magic to occur, people that choose to go the M&A path must share the right combination of passion, values and professionalism in everything they do.

My role is to find companies with such people and conclude deals between them. Companies that match in terms of people, strategy, competencies and clients. The result is fast and above all scalable growth – the nirvana of every digital company.

How do you know it’s time?

Join the winners.

If your company has hit a glass ceiling, if you see the need to add a new market to your offering or a new set of business skills to your offer, call me.

Through Autika I have concluded more than 30 M&A transactions in 13 European countries, raised capital from investors in 7 European countries and concluded MBOs and strategic partnerships.

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